Welcome to our website!

With the clear focus of customer satisfaction and enthusiasm  as our recipe for success we are working on enthusing our customers with our products and services every day.

That way a feeling of "We" builds up that spurs every one to deliver peak performance: With respect to "Speed" – a particularly swift and efficient way of operation and process. And with respect to "Spirit" – the autonomous, proactive further development of company processes.

This feeling of "We are HDO" is the core of our strengths. It makes "With pleasure!" the most-used answer to customer requests that, above all, is meant totally sincerely. It turns social and corporate commitment into a matter of course for us. And it provides our company, as an organization that is continually learning, with the strength to continuously develop further – and, in doing so, stay true to ourselves and each and every one of our customers.

On the following websites we would like to introduce you to the HDO group, its services, expectations and ideas.


Your Werner Beneken
Managing director and principal shareholder