Added value for tomorrow

We are the technology leader in the field of die casting with decorative surfaces – and we want to remain so. With this objective, we maintain an active innovation management which enables us to identify the challenges of the future and to develop appropriate solutions. The result is added value that inspires our customers. Today and tomorrow.

Surfaces that can be experienced due to structures and brandings, illuminated symbols as well as completely new technologies for the delivery of potable water in fittings are only a few examples of our outstanding innovations.

HDO fitting with HDO-Future Technology
HDO-Future Technology for water-carrying systems
Model drawing HDO-Future Technology
Model drawing HDO-Future Technology


Drinking water is and will remain the elixir of life. It must be available around the clock and in pure quality. The corresponding strict German regulations and requirements are issued by the German Association of the Gas and Water Sector, Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. (DVGW) and specified in the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV – Trinkwasserverordnung). In the future, the imposition of a “metal-free water delivery” will be unavoidable. HDO has already developed the corresponding solution for this important topic of the future: the HDO Future Technology.

High-quality real-metal fittings with metal-free water delivery

The patented HDO Future Technology replaces the material in use to date – brass, with an intelligent combination of plastic/metal die casting. A component made of temperature-resistant plastic is inserted into the die casting mould and encased with zinc. The result is a lighter fitting that ensures guaranteed metal-free water delivery on the inside, while convincing with high-quality metallic haptics in a diverse range of geometries and designs externally. For pure water out of stylish real-metal fittings.

Enclosed please find all important information of the HDO-Future technology in our flyer:

HDO Innovations for Water-Carrying Systems
HDO Innovations for Water-Carrying Systems


Clean drinking water from germ-free fittings

By law, pure drinking water must be free of germs. A requirement that becomes a real challenge, especially in case of prolonged periods of the water remaining in the line. This is due to all kinds of germs colonising the surfaces of drinking water delivery installations in the shortest period of time. The solution developed by HDO stops this problem spreading in the truest sense.

Clean add-on: Permanently Hygienic Application (PHA)

The newly developed PHA technology engages exactly where germs are sensitive: at the pH value. The application/integration of the HDO PHA add-on effects a permanent modification of the pH value of the respective surface. No germs can survive in this modified environment. Bacteria (incl. MRSA and VRE), legionella and salmonella, viruses (incl. influenza, hepatitis B, H1N1 and H1N5), fungi and algae are destroyed immediately and the surfaces remain permanently germ-free. Important to know: this innovative process is non-toxic and thus ensures a permanent effect.

The below-mentioned brochure gives an overview of HDO PHA Add-on`s functionality:

Selection of HDO product innovations
HDO tool-falling surface structure
HDO tool-falling surface structure


We don’t just make metal die castings special, we make them unique

In addition to its functionality, the success of a high-quality product is considerably influenced by the two most important dimensions of experience: appearance and haptics. To set oneself apart from the competition in an appropriate, appealing manner is a difficult challenge. Mastering this requires strong innovation and specialised expertise as well as the corresponding technological capabilities. In short: HDO.

Structured surfaces allow for experiencing metals

The surface structure expands form, material, and colour by a fourth design dimension. Brushed, blasted or mechanically processed surfaces open up a multitude of new and extraordinary design options. This provides for even more options for individualisation with a significantly increased recognition effect. Economically, tool-made structures for which no subsequent surface treatment is required, are particularly interesting.

Your product – with your good name

Individually designed brandings make a product unmistakably unique. We offer virtually unlimited options to customise your product in an individualised manner with your logo or lettering. Illuminated symbols and logos represent a true highlight in the truest sense of the word.

In the following flyer you can find all information of our refining opportunities by structures & brandings at a glance:


HDO tool-falling surface structure


We make metal shine

Colour allows products to be experienced in an additional dimension, bringing emotion and expression, life and radiance to surfaces, and thus completing the product experience optimally. The most important requirements for refinement via paint are a high durability as well as good design characteristics. With us of course, this goes without saying.

Diversity is key

We offer our customers the most diverse coating processes for extraordinary surface colour shades: from PVD coating via wet coating and powder coating all the way to the newly developed Coloured Chrome process. This way, we address the ever increasing trend toward individualised and unusual colours with metallic haptics.

More colour freedom: Coloured Chrome

We have significantly expanded the colour freedom for chrome surfaces. With the newly developed Coloured Chrome process, a free colour design of chrome surfaces becomes possible. Previously, this was only possible with the utilisation of coating systems. This is what is special about the Coloured Chrome process: the unique brilliant deep gloss and the metallic haptics are preserved –a special colour brilliance for your components.

HDO Gear knob