HDO Group

Refined metal die casting is our world.

With 60 years of experience to date, we have not only been able to establish ourselves as a specialist for die casting with high-quality surfaces but, first and foremost, as a reliable partner for customers from the most diverse and demanding sectors, such as the automotive or sanitary industries.

As an international family-owned business based in Germany, we have been able to maintain our position as the European market leader for decorative metal die casting for many years. The mapping of all manufacturing processes, from the initial request to the refined series component, is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Brilliance in each and every aspect is our ambition, motivation, and promise.

Standorte der HDO Gruppe
Standorte der HDO Gruppe


Cosmopolitan with strong roots

HDO is a family-led group of companies with three international locations and approximately 900 employees. Since its foundation in 1956, the headquarters of the HDO Group has been located in Paderborn,Germany. The employees in this competence and development centre are responsible for all processes involving die casting technology and surface engineering.

The positive synergy effects of our international position become apparent, firstly, in our distinctively efficient overall approach. Secondly, through the “one face to the customer” convenience for our customers. From the initial inquiry to series manufacturing, all processes are in-house – and the customer has a single point of contact.

Our locations

HDO Druckguß- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH
Headquarters and Development Centre of the HDO Group
Halberstädter Str. 7-13, 33106 Paderborn, Germany

HDO spol s.r.o.
Subsidiary Plant Czech Republic
Na Krtalte 41
78901 Zabreh na Morave
Czech Republic

HDO SK s.r.o. Subsidiary Plant Slovakia
Prostredná 14
90701 Myjava
Slovakia ,

HDO site Zabreh Tschechien

HDO, spol s.r.o., Zábřeh na Morave

Subsidiary Plant Czech Republic

HDO site Myjava Slowakei

HDO SK, s.r.o., Myjava

Subsidiary Plant Slovakia

HDO business philosophy
HDO business philosophy


Inspiring with brilliance

“We’d love to…!” – this is our most frequent business response to customer inquiries. This is because our objective is not just customer satisfaction but rather customer inspiration. Furthermore because we simply like to do our best, as a competent partner as well as in the form of brilliant solutions and products.

Our dedication for excellence keeps us constantly active internally as well. The whole HDO Group is in a state of continuous business development. No entrenched processes, no outdated ways of thinking, but instead an agile drive for sensible optimisation at each and every level. In this way, we stay true to both ourselves as human beings as well as to our business  code of conduct.

Werner Beneken and Martina Gundelach in HDO production
HDO business philosophy


The future is our tradition

There is a distinct common thread throughout our decades-long success story: the continual search for new technologies and products. This important factor of our success continues to be a focal point of our activity.

The HDO Foundry Hall
Miele die-cast zinc washing machine ring
Die-cast zinc components for the sanitary industry
HDO business philosophy


We are HDO

For us it’s completely obvious: employees are the most important factor in business success. However, the satisfaction of each individual is a top priority not just from a business point of view but also from a human perspective.

With exciting, responsible tasks, flexible working hours, and individual support, we provide everybody the space for development. Flat hierarchies and short decision paths enable each and every employee to become invested and participate in the joint success.

We know that: a strong sense of unity arises from satisfaction, which turns our employees into highly committed human beings who are deeply rooted in the company and who strive with all their might for joint success. Therefore, our employees’ satisfaction is our top priority.

HDO employees in production.jpg
HDO employee in product development
Digital world of work


Optimally networked for the future

We gladly take on the challenges of the increasing digitalisation of the economy and society. Moreover, we actively participate in the design of these rapid developments. We are, for example, contributing our power of innovation to the concrete design of the “touch-free” generation or of “Industry 4.0”.

The prerequisite for this is a high degree of networking in process design, which we are continuously working on. Thanks to our efficient innovation management and our strong motivation, technologies of the future become tangible today, for smart production solutions – today and tomorrow.

Automation in HDO manufacturing