Everything from a single source

Nobody else can: HDO provides all manufacturing technologies from process development all the way to the installed finished product under one roof. The high real net output ratio of more than 70% means enormous cost and transaction advantages for our customers. For us, it means welcoming challenges time and again, we enjoy tackling for the benefit of our customers.

Two machines process metal


Competent partner right from the start

You have a project, we have the experts, the experience, and the technological capabilities. Jointly, we analyse your project and develop individualised, feasible solutions.

We provide consulting – we deliver
In our development & design department, we utilise computer-aided development tools, e. g. for  process simulations. Thus, we ensure that we design each planning step precisely and optimally for your benefit.

The fact that we have all technologies for the product engineering process (PEP) in-house gives us expertise even in the most minute sub-processes. This, on the one hand, expands our spectrum of services and on the other, your options.

All-round package – the least we can do
A successful project requires professional management. In the PEP, we handle all necessary processes up to the series run for you: contract review, feasibility study, resource planning, industrial engineering, advanced quality planning, development of fitting logistics concepts (including packaging) and much more. For you, this means a coherent all-round package up to the series run – with just one personal point of contact.

HDO employee in product development
Temperature indicators
Temperature indicators


Constant quality – nothing else

There are hardly ever two identical projects. As such, it is only logical that we maintain a multitude of machines and processes in order to ensure we dependently realise any customer requirement. The essential requirements for a result that is always of undeniable quality are a casting with constant parameters as well as absolutely homogeneous visible surfaces – with us this goes without saying.

High-speed machines, cold-chamber die casting & hot-chamber die casting

We operate a total of more than 40 die casting machines which, in part, use the hot-chamber process and, in part, the cold-chamber process. Furthermore, the high-speed impeller technology allows for the manufacturing of minute parts such as key components for automotive locking systems. With clamping forces of 20 t to 660 t, our machines manufacture parts from 0.5 g to 6,000 g. This shows that virtually anything is possible.

Processing of metal with the inscription zinc
HDO production facility
Mechanical processing of metal
Temperature indicators


Finishing at the highest level

The finishing of the surface is performed in accordance with your individualised requests with respect to appearance, haptics and cost-effectiveness. The processes necessary are specified for each article depending on the respective surface requirements. In this, it is particularly important to homogeneously remove the surface without damaging the casting skin.

Our robot-based grinding and polishing systems are a guarantor for precise work of the highest quality. Here, zinc, magnesium and aluminium die casting parts are grounded and polished in a fully automated manner. Supplemented by manual workplaces, we can offer you the most diverse of geometries even in threshold areas.

Technology of rays
HDO employee grinds metal by hand
Temperature indicators


Gloss and brilliance for the highest of expectations

Brilliance is our strength. You’re welcome to take this literally. As surface specialists in the field of metal die casting, we provide you with a multitude of finishing options that is unique in this form across Europe.

Leading in electroplating of racks
In electroplating technology in particular, we are setting a clear benchmark. This is because on the one hand, we operate Europe’s largest fully-automated zinc die casting electroplating facility and on the other, we never get tired of always developing new, improved, tailor-made solution to use this electro-chemical finishing process for even more brilliance. At the HDO Technikum technical centre, which is our in-house experimental electroplating facility, our specialists are working day in day out, on the development of new colour tones created via electroplating.

Special refinements & coatings
Of course, we can also refine your product using other technologies. From lasering and printing via the most diverse of coatings, for instance with piano lacquer, all the way to innovative refinement processes such as ceramic coatings for dirt-repellent or water-repellent surfaces. Whatever your project requires – we will strive to make it possible.

Our broad range of finishing options at a glance:

  • Electroplating (chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating)
  • Chrome surfaces in the most diverse of colour tones:
    High-gloss and pearl-gloss chrome, dark chrome colours e.g. dark chrome, palladium, Satinox, etc.
  • Electroplating colour tones based on specified customer requirements
  • Microcracked and microporous chrome surfaces for special corrosion protection requirements
  • Individualised lasering and printing

Innovative finishing processes

  • 2-colour electroplating
  • Dirt-repellent and water-repellent surfaces (ceramic coatings)
  • Individualised embossing and impressions

Painted surfaces in the context of our partnerships:

  • Liquid paint
  • Cathodic dip painting (CDP)
  • PVD coating
  • Powder coating …
Silver crosses arranged symmetrically
HDO employee controls electroplating
Temperature indicators


Good service, well-conceived from start to finish

We can only ensure the constantly high HDO quality because we are personally in control of each and every process – not just simply manufacturing, but well beyond that.

Expert assembly of components & modules

Another task we can expertly handle for you is the assembly of composite parts. The assembly systems designed by us – in accordance with parts requirements – also allow for the automatic assembly of various materials into a component. This therefore makes the assembly of die castings with the most diverse range of materials, such as glass, wood, or ceramics possible. In addition, electrical and photometric components can also be integrated.

None of your products leave our warehouse without a final quality and functional inspection. Subsequent to successful inspection, direct delivery to wholesalers or OEMs is also possible.

Image in black and white of an HDO employee in production